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Review: WolfCop Vol. 1: Hog Wild #1

wolfcol vol. 1: hog wild #1

WolfCop Vol. 1: Hog Wild #1 Publisher: Dynamite Writer: Max Marks Art: Arcana Studios Created/Edited By: Lowell Dean The artwork of WolfCop Vol. 1: Hog Wild #1 by Arcana Studios is great. They use a “not too much, not too little” style with their pencils and inks that is fun to look at. It is Arcana Studios’ coloring however takes …

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Review: Batman, The Dark Knight Vol. 1: Knight Terrors

batman, the dark knight vol. 1: knight terrors

Batman, The Dark Knight Vol. 1: Knight Terrors Collection: Batman, The Dark Knight #1-9 © 2011-2012 Publisher: DC Comics © 2012 Writers: Paul Jenkins, David Finch, Judd Winick, Joe Harris Pencils: David Finch, Ed Benes Inks: Richard Friend, Rob Hunter, Jack Purcell Colors: Alex Sinclair, Jeromy Cox, Sonia Oback Letters: Sal Cipriano, Steve Wands Collection Cover: David Finch, Richard Friend, …

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Review: Power Rangers – Pink #4


Publisher: BOOM! Studios Story: Brendan Fletcher & Kelly Thompson Script: Tini Howard Illustrator: Danielle Di Nicuolo Colours: Sarah Stern It’s Thunderzord power time in Power Rangers: Pink #4 as Kimberly and Goldar have to work together in order to find a way to survive. While the two struggle to work together, Zack, Trini, Britt and Serge join forces to try and …

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Review: Eternal Warrior Vol. 1: Swword of the Wild

eternal warrior vol. 1: sword of the wild

Eternal Warrior Vol. 1: Sword of the Wild Collection: Eternal Warrior #1-4 Publisher: Valiant Entertainment Writer: Greg Pak Artists: Trevor Hairsine (#1-4); Brian Reber (#2); Clayton Crain (#2); Diego Bernard (#3-4); Alejandro Sicot (#3) Inks: Alejandro Sicot and Vicente Cifuentes (#4) Colors: Brian Reber (#1, #3); Guy Major (#3-4) Letters: Simon Bowland (#1-2); Dave Sharpe (#3-4) Collection Cover: Clayton Crain …

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Review: The Punisher Vol. 2: Kitchen Irish

the punisher vol. 2: kitchen irish

The Punisher Vol. 2: Kitchen Irish Collection: Punisher #7-12 © 2004 Publisher: Marvel / Max Comics © 2004 Writer: Garth Ennis Pencils: Leandro Fernandez Colors: Dean White Letters: Virtual Calligraphy’s Randy Gentile Cover Art: Tim Bradstreet   This is my fourth installment in my Garth Ennis Punisher reviews series. The other three reviews can be found here at Check …

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Review: Star Trek: Boldly Go #1

star trek: Boldly go #1

Star Trek: Boldly Go #1 Publisher: IDW Publishing Writer: Mike Johnson Artist:Tony Shasteen The art of Star Trek: Boldly Go #1 by Tony Shasteen was good, consistent work. The layouts were decent and the background was drawn well. There was even a good amount of flow and pace to the artwork. Comics are just as much a visual storytelling tool …

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Review: Green Lantern: Secret Origin

green lantern: secret origin

Green Lantern: Secret Origin Collection: Green Lantern #29-35 © 2008 Publisher: DC Comics © 2008 Writer: Geoff Johns Pencils: Ivan Reis Inks: Oclair Albert Colors: Randy Mayor Letters: Rob Leigh Cover Art: Ivan Reis and Dave McCaig This is my eleventh installment in my Green Lantern series. I’m covering everything from Green Lantern: Rebirth through the New 52 to DC: …

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REVIEW: Revolution #3

The Micronauts are here!!

  Publisher: IDW Story: John Barber and Cullen Bunn Art : Fico Ossio Colors: Sebastion Cheng Letters: Tom B. Long Edited: David Hedgecock Editor – in – Chief: Chris Ryall Publisher: Ted Adams   In Revolution #3 the starting guns have been truly fired. With The Micronauts transporting over to our universe to save their own all the players have …

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