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Review: Bloodshot Vol. 1: Setting the World on Fire

bloodshot vol. 1: setting the world on fire

Bloodshot Vol. 1: Setting the World on Fire Collection: Bloodshot #1-4 © 2012 Publisher: Valiant Entertainment © 2013 Collection Cover: Arturo Lozzi Writer: Duane Swierczynski (#1-4) Pencils: Manuel Garcia and Arturo Lozzi (#1-4) Inks: Stefano Gaudiano (#1), Matt Ryan (#2-4) and Arturo Lozzi (#4) Colors: Ian Hannin (#1-4) and Moose Baumann (#4) Letters: Rob Steen (#1-4) Cover Artists: Arturo Lozzi …

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KINKER KORNER’S 17 Worst Comic Book Movies


  In a break from the usual positivity of Kinker Korner (what??) Ian Bonar, site runner, has requested this terribly negative list for poor old me to trudge through. Shame on him!. So here’s a chance to vent about the decades of guff I’ve put up with as a fan of the genre and it’s going to be fun. Oh …

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The Philosophy of Comics: The Emotional Spectrum 7

The philosophy of comics: the emotional spectrum 7

The Philosophy of Comics: The Emotional Spectrum pt 7 Oath: For hearts long lost and full of fright, for those alone in Blackest Night. Accept our ring and join our fight. Love conquers all with violet light! Ages ago there was a schism among the Oans. Primarily between the males, who embraced only logic and reason, and the females who …

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Review: Green Lantern Corps: Recharge

green lantern corps: recharge

Green Lantern Corps: Recharge TPB Collection: Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #1-5 © 2005, 2006 Publisher: DC Comics © 2006 Writers: Geoff Johns and Dave Gibbons Pencils: Patrick Gleason Inkers: Prentis Rollins and Christian Alamy Letterers: Phil Balsman, Pat Brossaeu and Travis Lanham Colorist: Moose Baumann Series Covers: Patrick Gleason, Christian Alamy and Prentis Rollins Collection Cover: Patrick Gleason Green Lantern …

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Cyborg set to appear in The Flash 2018 film


Cyborg (Ray Fisher) set to appear in the DCEU’s The Flash movie in 2018. Actor, Ray Fisher, set to make an appearance in the DCEU: The Flash, solo movie in 2018. How much he will be doing in the movie is unclear. But his appearance is certain. Ray Fisher/Cyborg will also have a part in 2017’s Justice League movie and …

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Marvel announces new TV show


As most fans have been clamoring for, Marvel have announced they will be bringing the Runaways to television. For those of you that don’t know who the Runaways are, it is a Marvel comic originally published in 2003 by Brian K Vaughn and Adrian Alphona. It follows the story of a group of young teenagers who discover that their parents …

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Review: Gold Key Alliance #5


Publisher: Dynamite Writer: Phil Hester Artist: Brent Peeples Colourist: Morgan Hickman The conclusion to Gold Key Alliance is here. The four heroes have been united by Dr Spektor and along with multiple versions of themselves, they must face off against a foe that threatens all the multiverse. Only by working together using all their alternate reality selves will they be …

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Review: The Backstagers #1 of 8

the backstagers #1 of 8

The Backstagers #1 of 8 Publisher: Boom Studios! Created By: James Tynion IV and Rian Sygh Writer: James Tynion IV Illustrations: Rian Sygh Colors: Walter Baiamonte Letters: Jim Campbell Cover: Veronica Fish Program Bill Variant Cover: Bridget Underwood Variant Cover: Rob Guillory The art of Rian Sygh has a nostalgic Saturday morning cartoon feel to it. This was presented with …

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Review: Ringside #6


With Danny forced to work for the mob to save his friend Teddy, "Ringside" takes a dark turn. Meanwhile, in a small pro wrestling company, things are not going well.

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