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Review: Justice League/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1

Justice League Power Rangers 1 cover

Publisher: DC Comics Writer: Tom Taylor Artist & Colours: Stephen Byrne Yes, you read that title right. Justice League/Power Rangers sees a coming together of titans: DC’s Justice League are placed up against the original Power Rangers. The Power Rangers are currently being published by BOOM! studios in an ongoing series. The series starts with a flash forward showing us …

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Review: Giant Days #22


Publisher: BOOM! Box Creator & Writer: John Allison Pencils: Max Sarin Inks: Liz Fleming Colours: Whitney Fleming Who needs classes when you can have the adventure known as love? Or is it lust? When you are 19 it can be hard to tell. In Giant Days 22 we have young love, together with mixed-up feeling when Daisy brings back her …

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Review: Star Trek: Boldly Go #4

star trek: boldly go #4

Star Trek: Boldly Go #4 Publisher: IDW Publishing Writer: Mike Johnson Art and Colors: Tony Shasteen Letters: Andworld Design Cover: George Caltsoudas The artwork and coloring on Star Trek: Boldly Go #4 by Tony Shasteen was great. This comic series is based on the newly rebooted Star Trek movie universe. So getting the artwork right so it looks like the …

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