New 12 part Transformers series coming to Machinima

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Combiner Wars

Coming this August 2nd exclusively to Machinima is possibly the truest interpretation of Those Robots in Disguise yet! Forget the Michael Bay monstrosities, IDW have been creating comic books based on the Transformers universe for a long time now which feature adult storytelling, political and racial commentary and genuine humour that does not rely on childish jokes to work.

Combiner Wars the comic book follows the once Decepticon second in command, now ruler of Cybertron, Starscream and his attempt to use a relic known as the enigma of combination to solidify his grip on power. Combiners are the result of several other Transformers combining together to make one big Transformer that is more deadly and powerful than the sum of its parts, Generation 1 fans may remember Devastator.

It isn’t currently clear how faithful this 12-part feature will be but going by past efforts such as Justice League: Gods and Monsters and Mortal Kombat Legacy we won’t have much to worry about and any deviations from the source material will likely be well thought out. So far the main difference is Megatron being the big bad of this feature whilst in the IDW series he is now an Autobot serving aboard the Lost Light with Rodimus Prime.

Check out the trailers below featuring short introductions to the world of Transformers as it is at the start of the feature, now updated with Windblade’s very own trailer.