Review: Star Trek #58

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Title: Star Trek #58

  • Legacy of Spock #4 of 4

Publisher: IDW Pubishing

Writer: Mike Johnson

Story Consultant: Roberto Orci

Art/Regular Cover: Tony Shasteen

Colors: Davide Mastrolonardo

Subscription Cover: Alberto Silva

Letters: Andworld Design

Star Trek #58

    The artistic style in Star Trek #58 of Tony Shasteen and the coloring of Davide Mastrolonardo blended nicely together. Neither one of the artists for Star Trek #58 were overpowering or overshadowing the other. A perfect blend of good dimensions and shading as well as a nice mixture of detailed thin lines lend well to Star Trek #58’s writer Mike Johnson’s story. The story of Mike Johnson itself was good enough to keep me interested and eager to flip each page. My only real complaint is the brevity. I wanted more. But I guess that’s how comics like to leave their readers. The comic, Star Trek #58, ended on a touching and intimate personal note – a life-sized memorial on New Vulcan of Ambassador Spock. A Vulcan is their with his child explaining that Ambassador Spock was one of the greatest of all Vulcans and that is why this memorial is there. Then, and this was the really painful part, a dedication to the late Leonard Nimoy 1931 – 2015. Any Star Trek fan will get at least a little choked up as I did upon reading this. Spock, as played by Leonard Nimoy, is no more. It marks the end of a fantastic and fun era that I’m sure we will all miss.

Star Trek #58

Previously in Star Trek: Legacy of Spock

    The Romulan terrorist, Nero, in the movie Star Trek, has destroyed the planet of Vulcan with a weapon unmatched in power called Red Matter. But he was ultimately defeated leaving only two survivors aboard a ship carrying the last of the Red Matter as their cargo. The destruction of Vulcan has left the Vulcan people to search the stars for a new home world, a New Vulcan. But the Romulan Empire is not finished with the Vulcans by far. They intend to track down and kill every last Vulcan in the universe. To this end the Romulan Empire, joined by the remaining two members of Nero’s crew, have chased the Vulcans to Ceti Alpha V and are now destroying the Vulcan exploration fleet in the planet’s orbit. Ambassador Spock got to Ceti Alpha V to warn the Vulcan Elders in time but, he wonders now if it was enough. The Elders will illogically not accept help from Starfleet because of a disturbingly emotional reaction to the loss of their homeworld of Vulcan. Starfleet let them down by allowing Vulcan to be destroyed and the Elders will not rely on them again.

    This was a good read and it fills in some holes left by the Star Trek film. We get to see the fate of Ambassador Spock and what happens to the two lone survivors of Nero’s ship and with the left over Red Matter that Nero used to destroy Vulcan. I would recommend this to any fan of Star Trek trying to understand the newly developing Star Trek universe.

Star Trek #58

Star Trek #58








        • Spock
        • Dedication to Leonard Nimoy
        • Good story
        • Informative


        • Seemed rushed
        • The end needed better development
        • Anticlimactic