The Philosophy of Comics Presents: Daredevil

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The Philosophy of Comics Presents: Daredevil


The Philosophy of Comics Presents: Daredevil is the first of many columns I’ll be writing that will talk about the lessons that can be learned from modern comics. I’ll be posting these bi-weekly so don’t forget to check back with us here at the BGCP for the next installment. And make sure to like us and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates on all things comics.

Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, is called, “the Man Without Fear”. But, as any longtime reader can tell you, there are actually many things that Matt Murdock is afraid of. He fears letting down those who depend on him. He is afraid of being hurt by and hurting those he is closest to – particularly his girlfriends. He fears failure as a man, as a hero and as a lawyer. But, as a Catholic, one of his greatest fears is of course Hell and damnation. So he is clearly not the Man Without Fear.

What makes Matt Murdock such a great character is not that he isn’t afraid, that would make him a fool, and Matt is clearly not a fool. What makes him great is his courage – the ability and will to act in spite of fear. That’s why I submit that Daredevil’s true name should be, “the Man With Courage”. Although, this admittedly does not have quite the same ring to it. My point however remains the same.

Courage. That is Matthew Murdock’s defining trait. In spite of the fact that he fears emotional pain, as I think we all do, Matt continues to allow himself to form new relationships. This shows a great deal of strength, maturity and courage. Instead of allowing his failures to consume him and being afraid of failing again Murdock continues to try. And finally, he consistently chooses faith over fear and doubt.

These courageous characteristics have made me a fan of Daredevil and have taught me much about the power and effectiveness of courage, as I’m sure they have for Daredevil fans around the world. Matthew Murdock, in my opinion, is one of the greatest role models in comics. We can all learn from Daredevil’s commitment to a courageous life. We can all, through practice, emulate this in our own lives in the choices we make everyday.