Review – Transformers More than Meets the Eye 56

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Writer: James Roberts
Art: Priscilla Tramontano
Colours: Joana Lafuente
Letters: Tom B. Long
Publisher: IDW

With the adventures of the crew of the Lost Light seemingly wrapped up for the time being, the More than Meets the Eye series joins the Titans Return event. Following directly on from the main Transformers book and “Till all are on”, Sentinel Prime, long thought dead has returned to Cybertron and is not pleased to see not only Decepticons and Autobots living together, but also Transformers from the lost Colonies. He wastes no time in setting a plan in motion which is where we check in with Red Alert and Fortress Maximus.

Roberts does a good job in immediately grabbing the reader’s attention introducing us to our current line up of Autobots through the thoughts and feelings of Red Alert. Clearly things are not well with this particular Autobot and we are treated to his confused mumblings and a brief moment of horror as he appears to be on the verge of losing his mind. We get an unexpected visit from Prowl who appears to be stirring things up as usual and we never really feel that we can trust him which is totally in character for him.

The book has an overall darker tone than our standard MTME outing but it does contain Robert’s trademark humour which serves to lighten the mood briefly before the inevitable gut punch that always follows.

Tramontano takes over the pencils this time around capturing visually the tone and characters in glorious fashion. Prowl looks particularly impressive this issue with a more human like face rather than his usual polygonal look. The vista of Dead Titans is as impressive as you would expect and really gives the setting an epic sense of scale. The work on Red Alert’s breakdown is extremely potent and serves to add a chilling edge to the proceedings.

Lafuente once again brings all of the art to life giving it an otherworldly vibrancy that the series is well known for. Consistency is the key factor to this book and Lafuente gives us the high quality, spectacular colours we are used to which really cause every panel to pop dramatically off the page.

This particular tale is off to an excellent start but has the misfortune of being part of a larger event meaning that although anyone can pick this up and read it, much of the enjoyment from this issue will come from having read the other books in the event. Even taken on its own though, this issue has enough going on that that should the reader decide not to follow the whole event they will still find a lot to love here.

Review – Transformers More than Meets the Eye 56

Review – Transformers More than Meets the Eye 56








        • Character focused book
        • Gorgeous Art
        • Dark yet funny


        • Not standalone, very much part of the event