Review: Harbinger Vol. 2: Renegades

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Harbinger Vol. 2: Renegades

Collection: Harbinger issues #6-10 © 2012-2013

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment © 2013

Writer: Joshua Dysart

Artists: Phil Briones (#6), Barry Kitson (#7), Lee Garbett (#7-8), Khari Evans (#7), Pere Perez (#9) and Matthew Clark, Alvaro Martinez, Dimi Macheras and Brian Thies (#10)

Inks: Andrew Hennessy with Phil Briones (#6)

Colors: Ian Hannin (#6-7, #10), Dan Brown (#7), Moose Baumann (#8)

Letters: Rob Steen

Collection Cover: Mico Suayan

Harbinger vol. 2: renegades

The creative teams on Harbinger Vol. 2: Renegades was, despite several artists working on one project, very fluent as the characters transition from artist to artist. Normally I find a transition like this happening several times in a book to be distracting. But Valiant pulled this off with virtually seamless perfection.

harbinger vol. 2: renegades

Ian Hannin did a good portion of the coloring for Harbinger Vol. 2: Renegades. I think that Hannin’s good style and stability aided in the fluidity of the multi-artist presentation. All of the artists created good, leading panels and the characters were drawn consistently. This is not easy to do. These guys and gals have real skill.

harbinger vol. 2: renegades

Another thing all the artists did well was facial expression. Each individual character is highlighted with emotional context in the expressions on their faces. It adds unspoken dialogue that at times says more than the words. Some of the best work I’ve seen with this quality in the art.

harbinger vol. 2: renegades

Harbinger Vol. 2: Renegades story by Joshua Dysart was great. I have loved his run on this series. He weaves a complex tale in a fully followable way. Great emotion in the dialogue adds a nice depth to the many characters. I love the whole “this could be happening right now” feel that Dysart brought to the book. There’s a perfect blend of fantasy and reality. The personalities of the characters stand apart from one another. This takes some Chris Clairmonte level skill to accomplish with such a long list of characters. I’m new to Valiant and I already love these characters.

harbinger vol. 2: renegades

Harbinger Vol. 2: Renegades follows the multi-powered Peter “Sting” Stanchek and his crew of newly activated psiots from the Harbinger Foundation’s “Latent” list. There’s the flying, Faith (going by Zephyr), Kris, the pyrokinetic Flamingo, the strongman Torque. This motley crew of psiots has a rough road to walk and a long way to get there. They are headed right for the center of a much larger war.

Toyo Harada and the Harbinger Foundation are at war with Bloodshot and Project Rising Spirit. But for now we have the showdown between Peter Stanchek and the Renegades and Toyo Harada and the Harbinger Foundation. Peter and Harada go head to head. The untrained Renegades fight off the highly skilled and trained Harbinger Foundation. The seeds that grew into the awesome Harbinger Wars event are planted here.
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Harbinger Vol. 2: Renegades

Harbinger Vol. 2: Renegades








        • Excellent storytelling
        • Great artwork
        • Fun new characters


        • The price is a bit high
        • only 5 issues instead of 6-8