Review: Harbinger Wars: Deluxe Edition

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Harbinger Wars; Deluxe Edition

Collection: Harbinger Wars #1-4; Harbinger #11-14; Bloodshot #10-13 © 2013

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment © 2014

Writers: Joshua Dysart (Harbinger Wars #1-4; Harbinger #11-14), Duane Swierczynski (Bloodshot #10-13; Harbinger Wars #1-4)

Artists: Clayton Henry (Harbinger Wars #1-4), Clayton Crain (Harbinger Wars #1; Harbinger #12), Mico Suayan (Harbinger Wars #1, 4),Pete Perez (Harbinger Wars #2-4), Khari Evans (Harbinger #11-14), Trevor Hairsine (Harbinger #11-14), Stefano Gaudiano (Harbinger #11-12; Bloodshot #10-13), Barry Kitson (Bloodshot #10-13), Mark Pennington (Bloodshot #13)

Digital Painting: Clayton Crain (Bloodshot #13)

Colors: Brian Reber (Harbinger Wars #1-4; Bloodshot #10-13), Ian Hannin (Harbinger #11-14)

Letters: Dave Lanphear (Harbinger Wars #1-4), Rob Steen (Harbinger #11-13; Bloodshot #10-14)

Collection Cover: Clayton Crain

harbinger wars: deluxe edition

It’s all be leading up to this, Valiant’s first crossover event, Harbinger Wars: Deluxe Edition. If you’re just joining us, there’s a few things you should read: Harbinger Vol. 1-2 and Bloodshot Vol. 1-2. Or check out my reviews of said books here at

harbinger wars: deluxe edition

Harbinger Wars: Deluxe Edition is broken into four parts: Generation Zero (Harbinger Wars #1; Harbinger #11; Bloodshot #10), Harada Protocols (Harbinger Wars #2; Harbinger #12; Bloodshot #11), H.A.R.D. Corps (Harbinger Wars #3; Bloodshot #12; Harbinger #13) and the Conclusion (Harbinger Wars #4; Bloodshot #13; Harbinger #14).

harbinger wars: deluxe edition

While many artists and colorists worked on Harbinger Wars: Deluxe Edition the artistic presentation is nice and solid throughout. The styles of the various artists does change but the characters remain consistent as does the quality. Good, detailed pencils and inks. Nice layouts. Brian Reber and Ian Hannin do a great job of coloring this crossover event. Their bold and subtle color choices really blend nicely. The lettering by Dave Lanphear and Rob Steen was nice as well. Good consistent letters and good font sizes and choices.

harbinger wars: deluxe edition

Joshua Dysart and Duane Swierczynski write a good tale for Valiant’s first crossover event, Harbinger Wars: Deluxe Edition. While we met the kids from Generation Zero before, Dysart and Swierczynski really help to flush out these characters. They do a great job at making the reader sincerely concerned for them. The battle they wrote for Bloodshot and Toyo Harada was priceless. A superbly crafted fight between two badasses. Their dialogue was organic and entertaining. The pace of the story, even the panel-to-panel pacing was well written.

In Harbinger Wars: Deluxe Edition Generation Zero has escaped the clutches of Project Rising Spirit. And they flee to, of all places, the Las Vegas Strip. Now, Project Rising Spirit, Toyo Harada and the Harbinger Foundation, Bloodshot and the Renegades are all descending on Las Vegas to find these high-powered, test subjects. They all have different reasons for wanting these potent assets of Project Rising Spirit. But one things for certain. They’re all gonna fight for them.

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Harbinger Wars: Deluxe Edition

Harbinger Wars: Deluxe Edition








        • good story
        • good art
        • great action sequences


        • rather anti-climactic
        • a bit pricey for my taste