Review: Star Trek: Waypoint #2

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Star Trek: Waypoint #2

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Letters: Andworld Design

The Menace of the Mechanitrons (A Gold Key Star Trek Story)

Writers: Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore

Artist: Gordon Purcell

Colors: Jason Lewis

star trek: waypoint #2

Star Trek: Waypoint #2 starts out with a story about the USS Enterprise investigating a distress call from the scout ship, Ad Aspera. This leads them to the war-torn planet of Phygma 4. While on the surface the away-team makes a few discoveries. The planet has a wealth of gravitite as a natural resource, the Klingons, using Mechanitrons, have enslaved the indigenous race of Phygma 4 and are using them to mine the gravitite and salvage the Ad Aspera.

Star Trek: Waypoint #2 is broken into two stories. The first story is a vintage story from the 1960’s called The Menace of the Mechanitrons. The art by Gordon Purcell and the coloring by Jason Lewis are adequate at best. It looked like there was just enough effort put in to get paid for the job. The layouts lacked depth and the panels had choppy pacing with little to no flow. This was compounded by substandard writing on the part of Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore. Really the whole experience just showed how crappy comics were in the 1960’s and how much I appreciate our modern standards. I honestly don’t know why IDW is publishing these non-canon, non-Star Trek stories when they could be putting out good, solid material like the Star Trek: Boldly Go series. They even state at the beginning that the work is substandard.

star trek: waypoint  #2

Legacy (A Star Trek story)

Writer: Sam Maggs

Artist: Rachael Stott

Colors: Mark Roberts

star trek: waypoint #2

Star Trek: Waypoint has a second story, Legacy. Legacy follows the exploits of an apparently highly-underrated Engineering Officer named, Yeoman Leslie Thompson. She has saved the crew time and again and in almost every case someone else takes the credit. Or completely overlooks her involvement. In fact, the one things she is remembered for has very little to do with her. She is the only woman to have died on an away mission during Captain Kirk’s infamous five-year mission.

The artwork of the second story of Star Trek: Waypoint #2 by Rachael Stott and the coloring by Mark Roberts is leaps and bounds better than in the first story. The characters actually have emotional faces and the colors are vibrant and bold. The story by Sam Maggs was playful. The whole thing is done in a playfully irritated narrative by the main character. It wasn’t deep or vast in scope. But it was fun. And it offered a bit of insight into the glass ceiling of Starfleet.

star trek: waypoint #2
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Star Trek: Waypoint #2

Star Trek: Waypoint #2








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