Review: Judge Dredd #12

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Judge Dredd #12

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Writers: Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas

Artist: Dan McDaid

Colors: Ryan Hill

Letters: Shawn Lee

judge dredd #12

The artwork of Judge Dredd #12 by Dan McDaid is rough and gritty, if not somewhat simplistic. But McDaid’s style definitely fits the story and the character of Judge Dredd. I just prefer more definition and tighter lines in my art. But McDaid’s work is still good and tells the story well. The coloring by Ryan Hill provides a much needed sense of dimension to the artwork. Hill’s color choices were understated. That is to say that they did not burst off the page. Instead they serve to finish the definition started by Dan McDaid. The overall look provides a feel of toughness, grittiness and a rough atmosphere. Like how the grainy look of the Dirty Harry film added to the toughness of Clint Eastwood and the rough exterior of his character. It’s a nice effect that is done well here.

The writing of Judge Dredd #12 by Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas was good. This was a great finally to the Mega-City Zero storyline. All the plot threads that have been building through this run finally get wrapped up. Though I’m still pissed that they killed off Pug Dredd. At least he got a proper burial. There was actually quite a bit of the comic that relied solely on visual storytelling. There was no dialogue at all. But the dialogue that is present is very telling and natural. The story is, while having minimal action throughout, well paced and has a good flow. The characters, especially Judge Dredd’s companions, are likable and endearing. You can’t help but feel for the characters and this is because of the talents displayed by Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas.

judge dredd #12

In Judge Dredd #12 Judge Dredd is the toughest street judge there is. But he finds himself in a world, in a Mega-City he does not recognize. Mega-City One has changed and it has changed drastically. And these changes have not been for the better. Now, Judge Dredd, accompanied by three feral companions, must solve the mystery of what happened to his beloved city. His investigation leads him on the trail of Judge Berger, the man who put the populace of Mega-City One in suspended animation in the grass for a thousand years. The group comes across what looks like an ancient city, but within its walls is a bustling recreation of Mega-City One. But something is definitely off about this place. Lolo is a street judge and Judge Berger is running the city.

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Judge Dredd #12

Judge Dredd #12








        • Good finale
        • Good characters


        • A bit on the expensive side.