A Suited Up Joker & Harley Quinn Spotted On Set of Suicide Squad

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It seems that secrets or reveals in movies are becoming harder and harder to keep. The latest leaked images from the set David Ayers upcoming Suicide Squad have revealed something that we imagine the studios would have wanted to keep under wraps. Ever since that first reveal of Jared Leto’s Joker, which turned out in the end to be a publicity photo, many people have been wondering: “will we see The Joker in his classic purple suit?” The answer as you can see below is yes, we will indeed be seeing  Jared Leto in the infamous purple suit.


Despite the pictures being rather blurry (we don’t know how in today’s world you can capture anything but amazingly clear images, but we digress) you can definitely see the joker wearing his classic purple, especially in picture 2. In the third picture you can see a pink/purple sports car which honestly could be either Harley’s or The Joker’s but either way having one or other of them cruising around in a brightly coloured fast car is an amazing choice for the movie, we might be wrong but as far as we’re aware the Joker has not had his own car in a movie before(animated movies not included).

Along with the leaked set images we also have a video of The Joker and Harley having what looks like a heated moment with The Joker Shouting at Harley and her standing there looking weak, so it looks like we may some Batman: The Animated Series relationship nods in the movie. You can check out the video below:

We know it is rather small and you may need to hold your face a little closer to the screen than usual, but you can definitely make out The Joker shouting at/berating Harley.

So the new questions now raised by the appearance of the purple suit and where it was being filmed are: Given that the movie is supposed to take place heavily in Arkham are these purple suit scenes flashbacks? Will the movie start off with Joker/Harley on a rampage? Will he be in the above purple or the previously leaked white suit? Finally how big is Jared Leto’s Joker role really going to be in the movie, given that he is not part of the Suicide Squad?

Let us know your thoughts below or on Facebook/Twitter about the questions we’ve posed above and also the leaked images/video. As always thanks for reading and for all the latest updates on Suicide Squad keep checking back with The Big Glasgow Comic Page.