Advance Review: Drifter #1


Publisher: Image Comics
Writer:  Ivan Brandon
Art, Colours, Cover: Nic Klein
Lettering:  Clem Robins
Alternate Cover A: Esad Ribic
Alternate Cover B: Cliff Chiang
Alternate Cover C: Jason Latour

A spaceship is coming down. On it, a man realises he’s going to die within minutes. Only, he doesn’t. Somehow, he wakes up at the bottom of some kind of sea, with just enough time to wriggle out of his spacesuit and swim to the surface.

As soon as he gets to the shore, he barely has time to be glad that the air is breathable at all when he sees some creature loom over him. He kills it, but then he starts suspecting that maybe those creatures were not really hostile. And then, he gets shot.


And this happens only in the first bunch of pages in this first issue of Drifter. He gets rescued, and there’s where the story really starts – and I stop telling you about it, so you can enjoy it yourself. Only one thing: we get to find out that his name is Abram Pollux. Captain Abram Pollux. And he has become a drifter.

Author Ivan Brandon gives us a huge series of mysteries that will of course slowly unfold in the next issues of Drifter. All the characters seem to have something shady or at least unclear in their past, and some of them do or have done things that don’t seem to make sense. Then there is another, huge question in the very last page. I won’t anticipate it, but it’s a real headscratcher.


The dialogues are great but sparse, most of the characters seem to be loners, quiet people (with one huge exception), although their silence is closer to Clint Eastwood’s Man with No Name’s rather than to a random guy who just minds his business. Most of them have a certain air of danger in them.

The fact that this issue of Drifter is not full of dialogue gives even more importance to Nic Klein’s art and colours. Klein, who created the series along with Brandon, gives each and every character strong individual traits to make them memorable and easily recognisable, while his backgrounds are majestic, closer to paintings than to regular comic art.

An extremely strong start for a very promising new series.