Advance Review: Intersect #5

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Publisher: Image Comics
Writer, Art, Cover, Colours, Lettering: Ray Fawkes

The city is made of human flesh, and the wail of the Police sirens is the cry of its inhabitants. And we are lost with a person who is actually two, Jason and Alison. Alison is taking over. But we are starting to see some flashbacks, and we seem to understand that before whatever happened and made it all become as it is now… well, Alison was dead. Or maybe it was Jason. They were a couple, and one of them was missing the other. There was a graveyard too. Then, “it” happened. Also, incidentally, someone has a gun and way too many arms.


Intersect is not getting any clearer. In issue #4 we seemed to catch some hints of what was before everything changed, but what we learn in this issue makes us doubt our understanding. Or rather, the characters’ recollections.

As author, artist, colourist, letterer, cover artist, creator, God of Intersect Ray Fawkes seems to be asking us – are we sure that we really want to find out what happened, to see the truth, or would we be disappointed? What is the truth anyway, and where is it? (Give yourself one nerd-point if you immediately answered “out there”)


In some passages, Intersect starts looking more and more like a poem or a work of modern art: most of its meaning is in the eye of whoever is reading it, in how he or she interprets what is on the page. Some passages are indeed poetic, although also creepy, while the art – Fawkes’s paintings that illustrate Intersect – keeps being beautiful but also really puzzling. The colours are awesome though.

If you are looking for a straightforward story… as I’m sure I already wrote in the past, in that case Intersect will not be your piece of cake. If you enjoy being challenged, staring at a page painted in pastel colours trying to figure out what may be happening, do yourself a favour and get Intersect. Probably you won’t know what is going on, but you will enjoy getting lost in it.