Advance Review: Manifest Destiny #11

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Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Chris Dingess
Art, Cover: Matthew Roberts
Colours: Owen Gieni
Lettering: Pat Brosseau

On the shore, Captain Clark’s party have recovered the two men who had been lost to the giant mosquitoes. Maybe they can be saved, by extracting all the larvae from their bodies. One by one. And of course there’s no doctor with them.

In the river, Captain Lewis has another idea to get rid of the ranidea, free the boat from the arc and allow Clark’s men (and woman) to rejoin them. It involves a harpoon. And some bait. At that point, he sends a message to Clark, who just can’t believe his eyes when he reads it… but then seems to accept the suggestion as the only thing that might (just might) make sense. And he goes for it full on.


With a very unexpected turn of events, this issue of Manifest Destiny concludes one more brilliant story arc in this well thought out and even better written and drawn series. Both main characters will display a side of their personality that hasn’t been shown in the series until now, one that will change the way we look at them. And, like us, their men will also re-evaluate their opinion about their leaders.

The surprises are huge here. Chris Dingess’s creativity is really put to the test: there could have been a much easier way out of the situation for Lewis (just shoot the ranidea dead), but it would have been a little too obvious and not satisfactory enough. He tried, of course – and failed. So he had to come up with this absolutely mental plan.


Matthew Roberts’s art allows me once again to use the words “luscious” and “luxuriant”, something that I always enjoy doing. The detail with which he paints (yes, I wrote “paints”, not simply “draws”) the wilderness surrounding the characters is amazing, and quite awesome. The characters are also very detailed.

Once again, then, a great issue of Manifest Destiny. I just wonder what will happen next.