Advance Review: Moonshine #1

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Moonshine #1

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Brian Azzarello
Art, Colours, Cover: Eduardo Risso
Lettering: Jared K. Fletcher
Alternate cover: Frank Miller

It’s 1929, during the Prohibition Era in the USA; a group of armed feds is in the woods, looking for some bootleggers – and they find more than what they had bargained for. Then we cut to a lodging house of some kind, where a young girl tells a Mr. Pirlo (through a closed door) that he received a long distance phone call. In a flashback through Pirlo’s eyes, we find out that he’s been sent there by a mob boss to talk with some hillbilly: the boss wants his “hooch” – his moonshine – and is ready to pay him handsomely for it.


Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso, the creative team behind the Eisner Award winning series 100 Bullets (2001 award for the best serialised story for issues 15 to 18 to be precise), are back together – not that they have been apart for long, mind: they have been working together regularly since, mostly for DC Comics.


Moonshine opens with mystery and intrigue. Of course there’s a lot that remains unseen and untold, but obviously they couldn’t give everything away in the first five pages of the first issue. The late 1920s setting is fascinating, well known to everyone because of the films set in that period but not exactly familiar. And Azzarello is suggesting (just suggesting, at the moment) that there might be something… maybe supernatural. Or maybe simply peculiar. Not in a good way. Not for the characters, anyway.

I have the impression that Moonshine will become one of those series (or miniseries? We don’t know if it will be limited) people will be talking about in the future. It definitely has all the premises to be an epic story, the characters are very interesting and full of hidden sides to their personalities, and the art is in Risso’s usual, very in-your-face style. Don’t miss it.

Moonshine 1

Moonshine 1








        • Lots of surprises
        • Tried and tested creative team


        • Still unclear plot
        • Unpleasant main character