Advance Review: Southern Cross #1

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Publisher: Image Comics
Writer, Cover: Becky Cloonan
Art: Andy Belanger
Colours: Lee Loughridge
Lettering: Serge LaPointe

Young (and pretty) Alex Braith is starting her travel toward Titan, where she is to collect the remains of her unfortunate sister Amber, who used to work as a secretary on an oil rig. She also wants answers about her death.

An inner monologue (and some hints thrown by the security guard/policeman checking her passport) tells us that Alex is, or used to be, a rebel, someone who did some things wrong.


The impressive ship she will be travelling to Titan on is called the Southern Cross; it is a tanker that doubles as a shuttle, and on it she doesn’t feel very welcome – except by the ship doctor, Lon Wells. She also finds out that she will have to share her cabin, for the six days of her trip, with another young woman, one Erin – something that doesn’t make her exactly happy.

This opening issue of Southern Cross seems to suggest that the series will be gritty, aggressive, rough and at least partially quite creepy, due to what we see related to the ship’s gravity drive.

It is well written and captivating, and the possible consequences of what we see happening are extremely interesting: it is now up to author Becky Cloonan to maintain the promises she makes with this first issue.


Andy Belanger’s art is very interesting; every character is perfectly defined, and the complex machinery in the background of almost every frame is carefully designed. Several panels are instead made to suggest the vastness of space – and those are spectacular too.

The colours (care of Lee Loughridge) help immensely to set the tone of every scene, especially in the scenes in front of the gravity drive, that shines yellow, and in those set in relative darkness.

Southern Cross seems bound to be a sci-fi thriller with horror undertones and an atypical main character; a very interesting first issue that promises much more to come.