Advance Review: Southern Cross #3

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Publisher: Image Comics
Writer, Cover: Becky Cloonan
Art: Andy Belanger
Colours: Lee Loughridge
Lettering: Serge LaPointe

In issue #2 of Southern Cross, Alex Braith noticed the disappearance of Erin McKenna, the young girl with whom she’s sharing her cabin aboard the Southern Cross, a cargo vessel en route towards Titan, where Alex is going in order to retrieve the ashes of her sister Amber, who died in mysterious circumstances while working in a clerical role on an oil rig. As soon as she discovered that Erin was actually an investigator sent by Amber’s former employer to investigate the woman’s death, Erin disappeared. Later on, Alex, who is fighting back the more-or-less romantic interests of several of the men travelling on the ship (one in particular, Kyril, seems quite annoying), sees in her cabin something that she can only describe as the ghost of a man, who talks of his own death. She can’t take it any longer, so she runs. But she is on a ship…


In this third issue, we find Alex banging at Captain Mori Tetsuya’s door. The mysterious man, whose back we see covered in scars, seems to have an explanation for the phenomenon the woman saw: the gravity drive had some minor issues, which can create hallucinations. But Alex doesn’t seem convinced…

The story keeps getting more and more complex as we go on, and the tension grows. Things get creepier by the page. And we get drawn into the events, we just can’t put Southern Cross down.


Andy Belanger’s art is once again outstanding, but what makes every panel even more astonishing are the colours, care of Lee Loughridge. The mood swings of the story, the different environments (remember that the Southern Cross is a vessel in flight, so all light will be artificial), every character, every detail is given deeper meaning by the colour in that scene.

Southern Cross is a great cross between sci-fi, mystery, thriller and horror. All the best aspects of those genres are featured, with none of them taking the upper hand. Really a series worth reading.