Arrow Season 5 To Add Artemis to Team Arrow

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With all the comic book based shows kicking back into production for their next season the time of lots of casting news has returned and this time it’s Arrow. The CW show is entering production on its fifth season and today they announced the return of an actor who was in 1 episode of season 4 of the show who will be returning as a more regular character in season 5.

Spoilers for season 4 coming up

Madison McLaughlin appeared on Arrow last year as a sort of fake Black Canary after the death of Laurel Lance. when she impersonated the fallen Black Canary to seek revenge on Damien and Ruvé Darhk for the murder of her parents.

Spoilers done.

Madison in season 5 will be taking up the mantle of Artemis who is probably most well-known now for her appearances in the tragically cancelled (yeahs till not over it) Young Justice cartoon.


Madison’s arc is set to start in the second episode of season 5 and will run over multiple episodes seeing her change from the angry copy cat in season 4 to taking up the mantle of Artemis and presumably joining team Arrow, where at the moment there are a couple of vacancies. We would have personally liked the actress to be a bit younger so that there could be a proper mentor/mentee relationship between Artemis and Oliver like there should have been with Speedy.

So what do you think about the casting? Are you happy to see Artemis come to the show? Would you have prefered a younger actress so we could have a proper Batman/Robin type relationship? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Facebook/Twitter.

Arrow Season 5 is set to premiere on October 5th on The CW and probably a couple of weeks after on Sky 1. For all the latest updates on Arrow on every other comic book related properly keep checking back with us here at The BGCP.