Attack on Titan movie Cast in Costume

Attack on Titan is one of the most successful and popular anime shows to come out of Japan in quite some time, not only is it super popular in Japan though, it has a massive following in the West.  The original story was written by Hajime Isayama and published in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine which is not unlike Shonen Jump in that it publishes several pages of Manga from a number of different series on a monthly basis.  Like most popular Manga it eventually got its own anime show and now it is about to get the live action treatment in the form of two cinematic features.

For those who are unaware of the show and/or Manga, the plot revolves around massive humanoid giants suddenly appearing on Earth without warning.  They appear to only have the very basics of instincts and lack the ability to communicate or reproduce, of course the first thing they do is eat every human they can get their hands on.  Humanity walls itself off inside a massive Castle like city and tries to learn all it can about the predators until one day a new type of Titan, much bigger than the rest, appears at the city walls and smashes through letting the Titans in to feast on the humans inside.  The Survey Corps, charged with winning their world back from the towering monsters spring into action and we follow the events of a group of trainees as they are thrown in right at the deep end.

It seems like an age since we last heard about the movie and today we finally get a glimpse of the actors in the uniforms worn by the Titan Slaying Survey Corps which as you can see below look pretty authentic.  Producer Yoshihiro Satou has gone on record as saying, “We weren’t concerned about casting people on the basis of whether or not they looked like their character in the manga. After many discussions with Isayama-sensei, we cast people only on the ability to carry over the spirit of the character”.

One thing to note is that the setting seems to have changed from a medieval looking European Castle city to a more traditional post apocalyptic Japan.  Also less obvious to those not watching the animated show in Japanese, Mikasa is actually the only Japanese character in the show with everyone else being of Germanic or Nordic descent.  In this movie it appears that everyone is intended to be Japanese which to be fair, is a fairly minor change compared to the difference in settings.