Author: The BGCP Team

Review – Hellraiser: Bestiary #3

Puzzled Writer – Ben Meares Illustrator – Akiel Guzman Colours – Matt Battagalia Conduit Writer – Ed Brisson Illustrator – Alexis Ziritt Colours – Felipe Sobreiro The Hunted: Part Two Writer – Ben Meares & Mark Miller Art – Carlos Magno Colours – Matt Battagalia Summary – The trip through The Cenobites’ Bestiary continues! This month, […]

Preview: LumberJanes #07

Writer(s): Grace Ellis, Noelle Stevenson Artist(s): Brooke Allen It’s a race through the woods and through everyone’s favorite cave of doom as the Lumberjanes make their way through previous obstacles. Now they know what answers they’re looking for and they are not going to leave until everything is out in the open. Only it looks […]

Preview: Hell Raiser: Bestiary #03

Writer(s): Various Artist(s): Various The trip through The Cenobites’ Bestiary continues! This month, Ed Brisson (Sheltered) and Alexis Ziritt (The Package) show us how smartphones and the LeMarchand Device are connected in “Conduit,” while in “Puzzled,” a young man with an aptitude for solving puzzles finds refuge with the legendary device. And finally, Pinhead erupts […]

Preview: Last Broadcast #06

Writer(s): André Sirangelo Artist(s): Gabriel Iumazark With truths revealed, Harumi, Niko, and Damon have to team up with Jackpot and the Nonchalants in order to get Ivan back from S.P.I.. But with so many things going wrong all at once, how can they be sure who to trust, even amongst themselves?

Preview: Sleepy Hollow #01

Writer(s): Marguerite Bennett Artist(s): Jorge Coelho WHY WE LOVE IT: As fans of the SLEEPY HOLLOW television series (now entering its second season on Fox), we knew we had to make a comic just as haunting, engaging and visually gorgeous as the show itself. Featuring multi-layered characters, intense visuals, and creepy storylines, SLEEPY HOLLOW is […]

Review: Judge Dredd #24

Publisher: IDW Publishing Story: Duane Swierczynski Art: Nelson Daniel Letters: Shawn Lee Editor: Chris Ryall  Cover: David Stoupakis Subscription Variant: John Charles Judge Dredd #24  or Black Light District: Conclusion  to give it its full name, brings to an end (the clues in the title) the battle between Dredd and the Dark Judges in IDW’s […]

Jim Henson’s Tale Of Sand – The Illustrated Screenplay

Writers – Jim Henson & Jerry Jhul Illustrator – Ramon K. Perez.   Summary – Between 1967 and 1974, Jim Henson and his longtime writing partner Jerry Juhl developed three drafts of a screenplay for a feature length film called Tale of Sand. It is the only feature length screenplay written by Jim Henson that […]