Batman to be in Suicide Squad? Is this a bad sign for SS?

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Yesterday there was an article published on that stated Ben Affleck’s Batman will be appearing, in some small capacity at least, in the upcoming Suicide Squad film. Supposedly the appearance of Batman will not amount to much more than an extended cameo/short scene(s) at the end of the film that may tie The Joker to the solo outing of Batman(possibly slated for a 2019 release as The Batman). This may be great news for Bat-fans as they will get to see The Bat twice in one year, a first in cinema history. However the timing of this article along with the fact the author never names the source of his information, you have to assume Forbes editors wouldn’t just allow completely unbased rumours to go up on their site, make it seem somewhat convenient given the recent set backs the movie has had.

The very convenient timing of the article just after the production had its first big shake could be just a coincidence or the much worse alternative that DC/WB are worried about the film and feel the need to include one of their big guns just to make it work. This may also mean that there are problems beyond Hardy’s departure yet to come out and they are getting ahead of them by leaking some good information. The other alternative is they are testing to see if it would be something people would want however at this point everything is rumour and speculation.

The news that came out that Tom Hardy would no longer be portraying Col. Rick Flag came with considerable backlash from some fans, as is the way with all superhero film announcements, and with the announcement that Batman could be in the movie would be a great way to balance out his departure until his replacement is found, at least from a PR perspective.


Tom Hardy’s not in it? Well it will suck now!

The reasons for Hardy’s departure from the Suicide Squad were initially cited as a scheduling issue but later disagreements over a reduction of role size during re-writes. This may mean the film could end up being based more on the recent popular animated movie Assault on Arkham which did not contain Col. Rick Flag but did have Batman appearing in a smaller role.

The reduction in role size may mean they will not get another well known actor easily, given the small time until production starts added to the fact it is a small part and would take away their chance to play a future actual superhero. However given the fact Ben Affleck is already under contract to appear in several movies for Warner Brothers may make dropping Col.Flag and having the movie follow the Assault on Arkham style with Deadshot “in charge” of the team with Batman appearing for maybe 10-15 minutes total screen time a feasible reality.

So what do we think of the possibility of Batman appearing in Suicide Squad? Is it a panic move to try and keep faith in the movie? Would it improve the movie or do DC/WB have to try to create properties that can stand on their own without the help of the big ones like Batman? Let us know your thoughts.

With or without Batman this move will be great.

With or without Batman this move will be great.

The Suicide Squad movie comes out August 2015. Keep checking back with us for all the latest updates as they come out.