Batman vs Superman Wayne murder onsite photos

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We have seen it countless times thanks to the numerous Batman movies, animated shows, Video, comic books and even more recently, the Fox backed TV show Gotham .  I am of course referring to the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne, the parents of Bruce Wayne and this single event is what changes Bruce’s life forever and spurs him on to become the Dark Knight, Batman.

Zack Snyder clearly thinks the audience needs to see it one more time and has chosen an early interpretation of this momentous scene featuring the movie Zorro.  Zorro was an inspiration to Bruce and inspired him to battle evil dressed in a costume to conceal his identity whilst he fought for justice.

In the original version of Bruce’s defining moment, he and his Parents leave the cinema after a showing of the Mark of Zorro and are confronted by a mugger who murders both of Bruce’s parents but leaves him alive.  Snyder’s Batman vs Superman seems to be sticking very close to this version as evidenced by the photos below taken on the set of the movie.