Review – Transformers Primacy #2

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Transformers Primacy #2
Writers: Chris Metzen & Flint Dille
Art: Livio Ramondelli
Letters: Chris Mowry
Editor: John Barber

Transformers Primacy continues to be the darker, more adult book in IDW’s current run. Like the issue before this we have a lot of planning and scheming on both sides of the conflict which for better or worse makes up the majority of this book. Its bookended with two action scenes and a fair amount of foreshadowing.

Cybertron is about to descend into its darkest conflict in history and Megatron is slowly building his army and positioning his pawns. We see the return of some very familiar faces from the original animated show and just as before they sound exactly like they did all those years ago. Metzen and Dille once again do a fantastic job at running several separate but intertwined threads and it is going to be fascinating to see how these all come together.

Livio Ramondelli is the star of the show once again and really shines through on a very narrative heavy book. The art is of a consistent high standard and really embodies the dark origin of the war that would one day rip the Transformer’s world apart. Every scene is engulfed in shadow with only the shining metal and neon filled eyes of the Cybertronians gleaming through.

With a book based on the Transformers series there is some expectation that it would be a an action comic. This issue can be thought of as a sandwich, there is some action at the beginning, a whole lot of story and then then a pretty dramatic finale to finish off. I feel those looking for a traditional take on the Transformers may feel this issue a little lacking but I hope they will stick with it as the setup is sure to have a rewarding payload a little further down the line.

The art is incredible but as I have mentioned in the review of issue 1, Ramondelli is incredible when it comes to dramatic poses and still scenes. My only problem is that his faster paced action can be a little difficult to make out especially in the high speed chase at the beginning of the book. Its hardly worth mentioning since it is such a tiny part of the comic overall and is easily overshadowed by the exemplary work on the rest of the book.

Reading this book is like watching a heist come together, all of the players are slowly gathering for an event we can only see pieces of right now. We get brief glimpses of what is to come and trying to work out how all the pieces will come together is part of the fun. Of all the currently running Transformer books this is the most character focused which brings its own set of plus and minuses. The art is stellar and is sure to be one of the most talked about things for years to come, giving a race of transforming robots a believable presence is not an easy feat afterall.

This is still my favourite of all the ongoing Transformer books, it is not new reader friendly however so if you haven’t picked up issue 1 do that first. Its easy to recommend the book to Transformer fans and sci fi fans, with such a high quality comic hitting the stands every month we have never had it so good.