Big news for DC Universe Online

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DC Universe Online

You may not realise this but it has been five years since DC Universe Online first launched on PC and Playstation 3 bringing everyone from Batman to Wonderwoman into an mmo style world. Eventually making it onto PS4 as a launch title right before SOE was dropped by Sony and rebranded as Daybreak Game Studio, the game is now set to hit the Xbox One this Spring!

The game itself is an action mmo with players creating their own original hero or villain character to work alongside some of DC Comics biggest names. The powersets selectable each work as an emulation of an existing character, players can use Power Rings to join the various Lantern Corps, they can tap into the Speedforce like the Flash and much more.

The game is completely free to play but has paid for expansion packs or you can opt to pay a monthly sub and get everything unlocked from the get go. The games art style is heavily influenced by the mighty Jim lee and fan favourites Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill reprise their roles of Batman and the Joker respectively.

Xbox owners don’t get all the fun though, as of the 25th of January a much requested feature, PC and Playstation crossplay will be unlocked allowing PC and console gamers to play together for the first time! There is no news if this will extend to the Xbox game but going by previous titles it seems unlikely, if we hear anything to the contrary we will of course let you know.