Review: Black Magick #4

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Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Greg Rucka
Art: Nicola Scott
Letterer: Jodi Wynne


Black Magick is about a witch/police detective named Rowan Black who works in homicide in the Portsmouth PD. The series has a heavy noir tone mixed with magical intrigue which works to great effect in the hands of writer Greg Rucka (Gotham Central). Rucka has history of writing wonderful detective/police stories and he continues that trend in Black Magick. The characters are very well written and are enjoyable to read about. Morgan (Rowan’s partner) and Alex (Rowan’s witch friend) are great characters in particular.

In Black Magick#4, things are building up as Rowan continues her investigation and things start get a little dicey at the end but the issue felt very much like it was building up to something which isn’t a bad thing because it does so very well. The mystery continues here but it doesn’t feel like it’s being dragged out for too long . There is also another party in Portsmouth now whose motives are unclear. Rucka does a good job of making the protagonist likeable and interesting even though we don’t know that much about her. The dialogue between the characters is great because it provides necessary exposition without being overbearing especially since we still don’t know all the rules for how magic works yet.

Nicola Scott’s art is incredible and the lack of colour helps establish the tone of the series incredibly well. Her smooth lines along with gradients look amazing. It makes the mood stand out more and is just really nice to look at. The bold, dark lines she uses to outline her characters make them pop out from the background. The black and white along with the old-fashioned architecture in Portsmouth make the city look a little creepy.


Overall, this issue did a great job of keeping things interesting without revealing everything.