Brand New Ant Man Trailer Drops And It Looks Amazing

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Ant Man’s new trailer looks amazing
ant man

Ant Man has long been the bearer of a lot of criticism, given that his powers are shrinking and controlling ants…its really not too hard to see why he would be on the end of some harshness. However much like his DC mocking equivalent Aquaman all it will take to turn things around is one great thing and in the case of the upcoming Ant Man film from the looks of the new trailer the movie is going to turn things around for the micro sized hero. Check out the trailer below:

The only way that you could handle an Ant Man movie was always going to be to make sure the movie did not take itself too seriously and as seen in trailer it is going to have a large comedic element and in no way take itself seriously, 4 words: Thomas the tank engine. Corey Stoll looks to be a great bad guy and Yellow Jacket will be a worthy advisory for the smallest Avenger. It looks like the story to the movie will stay small and contained which is a good thing, given the world wide scale of Avengers 2 which precedes it giving us a smaller scale story we can really get into is a smart move. Given the tone they have chosen for the movie Paul Rudd is a perfect choice for Scott Lang and his chemistry with original Ant Man Hank Pym, played by Michael Douglas looks to be great. The most amazing thing about Ant Man though is going to be the special effects, it seems like the decision to leave Ant Man so late into the movie may have been out of necessity so the CGI could be done well enough. All things from the trailer considered it looks to be an amazing movie and should make many doubters re-think the movie, though given that it is a Marvel Trailer you will have to wait until the movie comes out to see what it is actually like…Iron Man 3, all we’re saying.

So what did you make of the trailer? Has it got you excited to see something that most people immediately dismissed as something that was going to be terrible? Do you think Ant Man will work well when he eventually joins the Avengers? Let us know your thoughts below or on Facebook/Twitter and as always keep checking back with The Big Glasgow Comic Page for all future Ant Man and all other comic book news.

Ant Man

Ant Man is released in mid-July later this year