The Brave and The Bold: Part 2 of the Arrow/Flash Crossover

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The second part of the Arrow/Flash crossover event is here: The Brave and The Bold. This time we have moved over to Arrow’s side of things so we can expect a much darker tone and a far sleeker, more well rounded episode in both story and action.

The title of the episode “The Brave and The Bold” is also the same name as a DC comics series which ran as a continual run of 200 issues from 1955 to 1983 with mini series’ in 1991 and 1999, it was also picked up again as a short lived monthly series from 2007-2012. However rather than taking influences from the comics, particularly the 1991 mini series starring Green Arrow himself, I think the writers could be taking the name more from the comic/animated Batman series Batman: The Brave and The Bold in which Batman teams up with a different superhero every week, especially as it was a rather popular series.  (Green Arrow actually appeared in the series a massive 23 times out of the 65 in it’s run)

batman-the-brave-and-the-bold-season-two                                             We’ll never get to meet in my show…cause you’d get in the way

Now with the small comic history of the name of the way we can move onto the review. Now like the review of part 1 of the crossover this will all be as close to spoiler free as possible with only brief story and other aspects mentioned but like the part 1 review we assume you have seen up to the most current UK episodes.

Now for those of you hoping to see a 2 hour story that spans across both nights I’m afraid that just isn’t the case. While there are links between the 2 episodes besides the 2 shows’ main cast members the links are tenuous at best. This is probably a good thing however as the the 2 distinct styles and tones of the 2 shows would make following the same story over both extremely difficult to get right. This time we see The Flash cast come to Starling City to help the Arrow team find and ultimately face a fairly well known DC villain who is causing carnage in Starling City. The story is fast paced and every member of the 2 teams has a role to play in the episode. The team up this time between The Arrow and The Flash actually happens and we see the great chemistry of the 2 actors come back into play making any time they have the same scene an enjoyable thing to watch.

The Scientist                                                                          Seriously we’re bff’s right?

We see again just how powerful The Flash really is and all comic fans will know just what he eventually is capable of. Throughout the story we do see Barry influence Oliver and the other way around, this could come into play back in their own series as the writers of both shows perhaps try to slightly lighten the Arrow world and darken The Flash’s which would make crossing them over in the future much easier and allow the worlds to feel more connected while still maintaining their own uniqueness. Overall as expected the second part was handled much better and was far more enjoyable.

So how was the second part of the Arrow/Flash 2 night crossover event, in a word. Brilliant. Given the fact Arrow is on it’s third year it has become an well oiled machine that consistently makes great episodes and this is definitely one of the best episodes of season 3 so far. The story was far more well rounded, both following on from previous Arrow episodes and also in a way following on from part 1 of the Arrow/Flash crossover. The relationship between The Arrow and The Flash is going to drive these 2 shows forward, they work incredible well together despite being from almost 2 different worlds. Every character that was in the episode felt included and like an integral part of the story and the fact they faced off against a fairly well known DC villain made it all the more enjoyable. The Arrow  team really is one of the best around, its not just a superhero based show, it is just one of the best shows on TV right now with stories and action pieces that wouldn’t look out of place in a film. It has not yet been announced if their will be another crossover event this season but given both series have another 13 episodes left each it is highly likely that we will see the 2 heroes team up again and with both now experienced in crossovers it should be even better the next time. You can also see our review of part 1 of the Arrow/Flash Crossover event here

Those in the UK can expect the 2 crossover episodes to air  in the next few weeks. However if you have seen it already? What did you think of both episodes of the Arrow/Flash Crossover and the 2 episodes as a whole? Let us know.

Rating for part 2: 9/10; A must watch. Solid story, great villain, amazing chemistry between lead characters. The true proof of the great potential of the DC TV Universe.