Captain America: Civil War Trailer And Poster Finally Revealed!

The wait is finally over! The long awaited Captain America: Civil War trailer has finally been released! Fans have been anxiously waiting in anticipation for the next installment in Marvel’s acclaimed universe to finally have some content and that void has finally been filled. You can check out the trailer here:

The trailer is definitely a bit darker than many of us had expected and it is a refreshing take on Marvel films! We are very accustomed to seeing the happy go lucky heroes that we fail to realized the dark side of being a superhero. The Civil War will definitely be bringing that dark and gritty tone to the big screen in a  huge way!

Not only did we get a brand new trailer, but we also got 3 brand new posters! Check them out:




What a treat this is! We weren’t expecting any Civil War content for quite some time. Marvel seemed to have answered the call from the fans and given them what they wanted! Who’s side are you on?