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“Thank you for not exploding” – Terror in Resonance

For anime director Shinichiro Watanabe, destined to forever be ‘the Cowboy Bebop guy’, it’s been a busy year.  Having helped bring episodic comedy-adventure Space Dandy to screens in the spring, he’s now moved on to directing Zankyou no Terror, or “Terror in Resonance” (to use the awkward English title), a new thriller series about about […]

My friend, the enemy spy – Gundam: War in the Pocket

For my last column, I finally made some inroads into the vast Mobile Suit Gundam anime franchise by watching the very solid war yarn, Stardust Memory.  On the back of that, I thought I’d try to strike while the iron was hot and follow it up with another Gundam series I’d been recommended; 1989’s six […]

“You haven’t forgotten the routine, have you?” – Dominion Tank Police

Like all great stories, it had at its heart, a love triangle.  This one was between a man, a woman and a tank.  But I’m getting ahead of myself here.  This week, I’m looking back at Dominion Tank Police, an anarchic sci-fi comedy about an armoured police unit set up to deal with spiraling urban […]

What Japan thinks about James Bond – Golgo 13: The Professional

What do stop-motion skeletons, terrible CGI helicopters and coffin-shaped swimming pools have in common?  If you answered Ray Harryhausen’s jazz woodbines, you’d be wrong.  For this week’s journey into darkest anime land, we’re going to be looking at Golgo 13: The Professional, best known screen outing for the unstoppable hitman, Duke Togo. Taking his alias […]