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Hit-Girl #1 Review

Hit-Girl #1    Written by Mark Millar    Artwork by John Romita Jr    Reviewed by Garry Robertson – Blue Raven Comics    Let’s see, a shade less than five feet in height, shoulder length blonde hair, the looks of an innocent little girl. Like Hell she is, Mindy McCready, otherwise known as Hit-Girl has […]

The Superior Spider-Man Review

Big news at Marvel last week – Thor’s becoming a woman, and Falcon is the new Captain America! As always, this announcement was followed by negativity and anger from the internet. (Oh…and The Onion released an article: Marvel Reimagines Green Goblin As Left-Handed!). Yes, change in comics is inevitably greeted with concern, but need we […]

Review: Cap’n Dinosaur

Publisher: Image Comics Writer: Kek-W Art: Shaky Kane Letterer: Comicraft Superhero comics have bogged themselves down in the dark & gritty for so long now that readers see anything with a smile on its face as suspicious and underground, which is why the ‘kids’ won’t be kicking down the caged doors of Forbidden Planet to […]


Good evening folks. When collecting comics I normally follow characters or specific titles, but there are certain creators whose work I find so consistently enjoyable that their name is enough for me to take a chance on an unknown commodity. One such creator is J.M. DeMatteis. Whether it’s his era defining work on the JLI […]

REVIEW: Blacksad

Hi everyone, Jamie here yet again to bring you another recommendation. This week I bring to you a great noir thriller called Blacksad. Blacksad was created by spanish writer Juan Díaz Canales with art done by former Disney animator Juanjo Guarnido, who has worked on such movies as Tarzan, Brother Bear and Hercules. Blacksad was […]

REVIEW: Big trouble in little China

Hello, comic and horror fans alike and welcome back to this week’s edition of …”From Behind the Couch!” This week I’m looking at Boom! Studios recent comic release “Big Trouble in Little China” #1, which I am super excited about, as for years I have yearned to see, read or hear about the further adventures […]