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Flash vs Arrow: Review of Part 1 of the Arrow/Flash Crossover

The moment has arrived: The Flash vs Arrow. Ever since The Flash series was announced last year, following on from the season 2 episode 8 of Arrow, ‘The Scientist’ that gave us our first introduction to Barry Allen, all comic book fans knew that a crossover between Arrow and Flash was coming and it is […]

Does Supergirl push the DC TV Universe too far?

While on the surface a shared universe seems like an amazing idea, after all fans like nothing more than seeing their favourite character team up or clash with another iconic character from the same universe, as evident by the reactions to the upcoming Zach Snyder epic Batman vs Superman. While a shared universe is great […]

Will Constantine blaze on or fizzle out?

The live action TV adaptation of DC’s Hellblazer series with protagonist John Constantine, shown on American network NBC, has not had an easy time of it, in fact its had a rather rocky start. From the dropping of Characters that didn’t test well in the pilot screenings, namely Lucy Griffith’s ‘Liv’ to Angelica Celaya’s ‘Zed […]