Chris Hemsworth to play receptionist in new Ghostbusters film

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Chris Hemsworth, or Thor as he is more commonly known these days, has been cast as the receptionist in the upcoming Ghostbusters film. The news was confirmed on twitter by the director, Paul Feig, with a picture of Hemsworth and the hashtag #whoyougonnacall. In the original film, the receptionist was better known as the sarcastic Janine Melnitz, played by actress Annie Potts.

Whilst the original cast are thought not to be in the film, with Harold Ramis having sadly passed away last year, Dan Aykroyd is  involved with writing and producing it. The plot is yet to be revealed, but what fans of the franchise do know is that instead of the three eccentric parapsychologists, the role of the Ghostbusters will be played by an all female cast.  Actresses confirmed to be taking on major roles in the film include Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. Melissa McCarthy has worked closely with Paul Feig before, having had major roles in his films Bridesmaids, Spy and The Heat, so it is no surprise that she was the actress of choice to be involved.