Constantine returns…in Arrow!

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Its been a really harsh time if you are a fan of John Constantine, his comic went off in a weird direction after the new 52 reboot and his frankly excellent TV show was cancelled after only half a season. Despite tremendous support from the shows fans and a push from both Warner and DC to find the show a new home after NBC unceremoniously dropped it the show was cancelled, the set pulled down and the actors released from their contracts.

Stephen Amell, the star behind the mega popular show Arrow had been trying to get CW to pick up the show or at the very least have Constantine on for a crossover episode but all seemed bleak…until now! Constantine will return, unfortunately not in his own show but as a guest in the Arrow-verse starring alongside the Emerald Archer in a special one off episode. Whilst a guest spot does not guarantee that CW will do anything further with the character, its a good start and will likely make them extremely popular with fans, perhaps enough for him to become a reoccurring guest, slots in The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow or maybe even his own spin off?

Nothing is certain except one thing, just like the his comic book counterpart, Constantine is not ready to go quietly and his first entry into the CW created Arrow-verse is his best chance at a come back and one that his legion of fans will be 100% behind! Matt Ryan aka John Constantine had this to say:

The Trench Coat is being dusted off. #Constantine #Arrow @CW_Arrow @amellywood looking forward to it. #thisfall
— Matt Ryan (@mattryanreal) August 11, 2015