Constantine to return?

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Constantine - Season Pilot

As a fan of the late great Constantine TV show i had all but given up on ever seeing the character grace our screens again, CW brought him back briefly during this season of Green Arrow and unsubstantiated rumours surrounding his inclusion into the second series of Legends of Tomorrow have since been squashed. It seemed all was lost but a new challenger has entered the ring by the name of TVtibi.

TVtibi is a newish streaming service that attempts to give viewers a way to watch their favourite shows piece meal without having to pay a monthly cable subscription, their free app is currently available on the Windows store and it looks like they may be after some original content to broaden their appeal. Of course a show as expensive as Constantine is going to need a lot of cash and they are appealing to the likes of CW to do a partnership to bring the show back, such a deal could allow John Constantine to crossover into the Arrowverse and vice versa which would definitely please fans of both shows.

Given the heartbreak we have had to endure so far with rumours flying all over the internet i don’t expect you to take my word for it, or even that of a tabloid or news site, indeed we bring you the news direct from Tvtibi’s social media account itself! Whether this ends up amounting to anything it is great to see that the show retains its passionate fanbase and that we are being noticed.

Constantine returns?