Have DC Found Their New Green Lantern?

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Green Lantern is now the only unknown

greenlanternquestionGiven that we already know who will be playing Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, The Flash & Aquaman in the DC cinematic universe it does seem somewhat ridiculous that we still have no idea who will be playing the Green Lantern in this new movie universe. We know know almost 100% that Green Lantern will be in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice thanks to Zach Snyder’s epic Aquaman picture tweet with the “Unite the Seven” Tagline. Of course this could refer to the seven seas but more than likely it is about the 7 founding Justice League members. One of the of the problems with guessing who they could cast for the part in the DCCU is not knowing if they are going down a John Stewart or Hal Jordan Route.

Green Lantern

Well rumours that have been floating around the internet for a couple of days suggest that the question of which Green Lantern and who will play him have both been answered. Bearing in mind that this is entirely rumour at this point it seems that our new Green Lantern will once again be Hal Jordan, previously played by Ryan Reynolds in a, shall we say less than amazing Green Lantern movie but Reynolds is out and our new Hal is going to be played by none other than Captain Kirk himself: Chris Pine.

Green Lantern

Having the Green Lantern for the DCCU be Hal Jordan, if only initially, makes sense as Zach Snyder most definitely is going for a new 52 theme and Hal Jordan was the founding Justice league member. Given that a Green Lantern Movie is planned however fans of John Stewart’s Green Lantern probably don’t have to wait long to see him up on the big screen either, as making the solo Green Lantern outing focus more on the Green Lantern Corps as a whole, including John Stewart, would make for a much better movie and would instantly expand DC’s Universe.

Green Lantern

So would Chris Pine make a good Green Lantern? We would have to say yes, we know he is a good actor and can helm a movie, such as Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, whilst working well in a much team based cast like Star Trek. He also could easily pull off the confidence and swagger related with Hal Jordan and would be very believable as a cocky fighter pilot. Are the rumours true thought, will he be playing our new Green Lantern? Probably not. Zach Snyder seems to enjoy, with the exception of Ben Affleck, to cast lesser known actors in these big roles whereas Chris Pine is well established lead actor. However with Star Trek sequels up in the air at the moment and the actors schedule current clear beyond 2015 it is more than possible it could be true, also DC need to start collecting Super-Chris’s like Marvel, can’t let them win on any front.

So what do you think of this possible casting news? Would he make a good Green Lantern or not? Does this news. if true. Disappoint you as you wanted a John Stewart Version? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below or on Facebook/Twitter.

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