Deadpool: A 100% Spoiler Free Review

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Spoilers are everywhere these days, especially with comic book movies. Generally thanks to sites like we have seen or heard about absolutely everything in the movie before it’s even released. Thankfully Deadpool isn’t a particularly spoilable movie given it’s comedic tone, there was never going to be a Coulson moment. Like all comedies though if someone does tell you a joke before you see it then it just won’t be as funny. So trying to do a 100% spoiler and opinion free review is…tricky.

Movie reviews themselves can actually spoil movies as well. If you read “the first half an hour but the end is terrible” then on some level you’ll go to the cinema and expect that it’ll have a terrible end when maybe the reviewer was the only one who didn’t like it. Whereas if you go in with a totally open mind without having read that you will make your own assumptions. So here goes a movie review that doesn’t spoil the movie in ANY way…hopefully.


Best promo image ever

Deadpool is the latest comic book movie in Fox’s X-men universe (seriously stop pushing Inhumans that no one wants Marvel and work out a deal with Fox to get them all in the MCU). The movie is the first R-rated superhero movie of the ‘new age’ of comic book movies, the first actual adult superhero movie being Blade. Seriously if you’re a parent this movie is NOT for kids but for some reason some people think it is. Literally when I went to see it a woman brought in 2 kids under 15(damn self service ticket machines!) and had to get kicked out but not before shouting at the poor employee claiming that “its Deadpool, they watched him with Spider-Man in a cartoon” this is not the same Deadpool.

deadpool 3

If this wasn’t enough proof it’s not for kids then I don’t know what is…

The movie isn’t as long as most comic book movies which generally run over the 2 hour mark and instead sits at around 100 minutes (1hr 40 mins in real world, still no idea why they officially give the run in minutes). The movie is the origin story of Deadpool, the unkillable very loud mouthed Canadian mercenary and thankfully it’s literally nothing like the truly dire X-men Origins: Wolverine.  The movie has some truly great action scenes, great comedy and chemistry and lots and lots of Deadpool-ness courtesy of Ryan Reynolds performance. as a very slightly altered and i’d assume more violent version of himself, who is just the most perfect casting that there ever was. There’s good guys and bad guys and they fight one another, maybe they fight once maybe they fight 10 times…and to spoil nothing that’s literally all I can say. Trust me I’ve re-written this a bunch and that’s all you can get without spoiling anything. The movie has it good and bad bits but for obvious reasons I can’t tell you what they are, make your own mind up and let us know what they are.

The one thing I will say, which you could call a spoiler in the vaguest sense of the word is that a lot of the jokes in the trailers are directly out of the movie, that sounds stupid but if you watch a lot of comedy trailers they often contain jokes that just don’t exist in the actual movie it’s often jokes that need context so they get changed to make it work without.


Deadpool wouldn’t draw you in with fake jokes

So if you don’t want the jokes to fall a little flat purely because you’ve heard them already 15-20 times like I had(couldn’t get enough of them) then don’t re-watch any before you actually go see it. There are also a lot more added jokes that aren’t in the trailers so even if you’ve seen them all like I had there are still incredibly funny moments you had no idea about. If anyone complains that that is a spoiler when i’m giving you advice to enjoy the movie more then please do.

So what do I rate Deadpool…I can’t rate it that’s an opinion so lets just say it’s better than Green Lantern but not as good as Saving Private Ryan, if you can picture that then good luck to you.

So should you go see Deadpool? Well it’s a superhero movie, so yeah. If you’re a comic book fan you should go see every comic movie that comes out, even ones as bad as Iron Man 3(was gonna go with Green Lantern but Deadpool makes up for that and it was not Ryan Reynolds fault that that movie sucked). So let us know your thoughts below about the movie and also how entirely pointless this article was, seriously in these 840 words you have learned absolutely nothing about the Deadpool you didn’t know already…

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