Death Note found at New Hampshire High School

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Death Note

Parents where left furious after being notified by administration at Nashua High School North of a book containing a list of 17 students with a description of how they would die was discovered. The format in which it was written reportedly mirrors the popular Shonen Jump Manga series Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba. In the series a Shinigami named Ryuk leaves a book on earth which is later discovered by Highschool student Light Yagami. Light has a strong sense of justice and uses the book to punish those he sees as having committed serious crimes by writing their name in the pages with the means and time in which they would meet their end.

One concerned parent was quoted by local news station NH1 as saying, “This book was found by a student with the ways, times and dates 17 students were going to die. My daughter in particular was pretty horrific, disturbing and explicit”. The parents only official being notified by this on Friday the 9th of October had been aware of this for some time and have expressed frustration in the lack of any action against the student and the apparent lack of any concern on the Teachers part, “I’m angry that parents weren’t informed sooner,” advised Danielle Charest, parent of one of the students named in the book.

Some students taking the Death Note at face value reportedly advised they had been too afraid to raise the alarm for fear of being added to the pages themselves. Not all students felt afraid or frustrated but instead felt sympathy for the student who although not named in the article is known to the students, parents and Administration of the school. Counsellors and the school administration are still deliberating the fate of the student to determine what action should be taken if any, though the threat of death is being taken seriously they have advised that they did not believe the students contained within the pages where ever in any kind of danger.

Having actually found replicas of the Deathnote book in Hot Topic and on ebay it is perhaps humorous to those of us who have read the Manga or watched the TV show to see people so terrified of a fictional construct but at the same time, this is not the first time we have witnessed a student snap and take the lives of their classmates due to stress, bullying or a undiagnosed psychological issue. It is a tough call to make and one that will likely weigh heavily on those deciding the future of the student in question.