Don’t Worry! Iron Fist Is Still coming To Netflix!

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For a few months we have been hearing that Netflix’s Iron Fist was on the brink of being shut down. While many have reported that it would be turned into a movie or replaced by a Punisher series starring Jon Bernthal. Well Marvel CEO Joe Quesada has shut down all of those rumors and claims that the show is still a go.


“I’m pretty involved [with the Netflix shows]. I’m not on set everyday but I’m pretty involved. Iron Fist is being worked on, that’s all I can say.” When informed about the rumors that Iron First was being retooled as a TV movie, Quesada scoffed at the notion. “Where did you read these rumors,” he jokingly asked. “The internet? Then they must be true!”

So it seems that the show that many Comic Book fans have been waiting patiently for is still a go, although everyone seemed on board with the idea that Punisher could be a possible replacement. Luckily for us, we may get both!


“We’d love to do something with [the character] but it’s way too early to tell. We don’t like to discuss which metrics we use to decide [which character gets a spinoff]. What I can tell you is that anyone who is a hardcore Punisher fan is going to be blown away and incredibly satisfied by Bernthal’s take on Frank Castle. It’s one of those cases where it’s the character from the pages, come to life.”

Personally I think that having both these shows would be great and many believe that the Netflix shows could overtake the films in terms of popularity at some point. Only time will tell what will happen with Iron Fist and possibly Punisher so stay patient.

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