E3 2016 Roundup

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E3 kicked off in spectacular style on Sunday and as always we had more than a few reveals of comic book related properties coming to consoles and PCs near you! Let’s check out the biggest announcements shall we?

First off we received a trailer for Sony’s new Spider-Man game based on the new cinematic version of the wall crawler last seen in Marvel’s well received movie Captain America: Civil War! Insomniac games are on this one, developers of the Resistance and Ratchet and Clank series so you know they have the skills to develop an experience in line with what fans of the comic books expect, check out the trailer below:

The Walking Dead has integrated its way into pop culture in a way that I would never have expected, the comics are always well received, the tv shows run hot and cold with fans but one thing that has remained a constant is the quality of the video games developed by Telltale games. Following up from the critically acclaimed Michonne miniseries a third season of the Walking Dead the video game is headed to PC and console soon. Clem makes a welcome return from a series that is as engaging as it is heart breaking, check out the trailer below:

Not content with conquering pop culture Telltale games are also releasing a game based on the most iconic of DC characters, Batman! The game said to focus more on his relationships with the characters in the universe and on his detective skills is likely to be a huge hit with fans of the Dark Knight and those already playing Telltale games, no trailer as yet but some juicy screen shots below:

Have you ever wanted to don the cowl and actually see what the Bat sees? Coming soon to Playstation VR is a new title Batman: Arkham VR! Like it suggests you will get to explore the Arkhamverse as the Dark Knight using the soon to be released VR headset, check out the video below, also, yes, that is Mark Hamill narrating as Mr J: