First images of Flash Rogue Captain Cold

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For long time readers of The Flash comic book series, The Rogues are perhaps the most famous adversaries and are certainly the most recognisable.  It will be no surprise then that Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold will be arriving in Central City in an upcoming episode CW’s brand new Flash TV show and he will be played by none other than Wentworth Miller.  You may remember Miller as Michael Scofield from Prison Break or even Chris Redfield from Resident Evil: Afterlife.

Below are the first shots of Wentworth as Captain Cold, as you can see he has his trademark freeze gun, a pair of dark glasses and a winter coat which is a callback to his original appearance in the Flash comic book.  It is unknown at this point if he will gain meta human abilities like he did in the new DCU or remain a well equipped and super smart Human but as my favourite Flash Rogue I’m just glad to see him appear so soon.