The Flash’s Jason Rusch has just been cast

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Luc Roderique, best known for his roles in Godzilla and Supernatural has been cast as Jason Rusch in CW’s The Flash.  Part of the original Firestorm project and a student at the Hudson University, Jason is destined to fuse with Ronnie Raymond in times of trouble to become the Nuclear powered Firestorm.  Interestingly many of Firestorm’s supporting cast have already shown up in the series including Ronnie Raymond, Professor Stein and Caitlin Snow aka Killer Frost.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised  if CW is positioning the property to spin off on its own the same way The Flash did from Arrow.

Jason Rusch is due to make his debut in episode ten of the well received TV show so it wont be long until we get to see him for ourselves, with so many high profile villains and heroes appearing in the show its always  exciting to see who will be next.