Are the Flash’s Rogues already teaming up?

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Captain cold vs Heat Wave

In the comic book version of the Flash we have already witnessed his deadliest adversaries team up together in an attempt to take out the Speedster combining their powers and strengths to great effect.  Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, Heat Wave amongst others form uneasy alliances with each other having all been taken down individually.  It isn’t uncommon to see this in the DC universe but the Flash Rogues do this on a much more frequent basis than the other DC villains and generally their goal is to get rich rather than world domination, they have even fought against that on occasion.

CW has already started populating the tv version of Central city with the Flash’s Rogues and it was only a matter of time before the idea of an alliance would take hold.  Some shots from the set of the Flash have revealed what looks like Captain Cold and Heat Wave working together but what could the sinister pair be up to?  It certainly can’t be good news for Barry who has already had trouble fighting both of them on their own, could this be the beginning of a much larger threat?

For those of you who don’t know, this is not the first time these actors have worked together, Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold) and Dominic Purcell (Heat Wave) were the main stars of the smash hit tv show, Prison Break.  It’s ironic that the roles that they are playing for the Flash could end with their new characters in the very place they escaped from.