Four vendors for A Series of Fortunate Comic Events Part 1 you wont want to miss!

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Here at BGCP we always aim to bring you some of the best vendors from across the land with the most talented and creative individuals you are ever likely to see gathered in one place.  We are very proud to announce that we will have the following wonderful people on display at our first December mart, A Series of Fortunate Comic Events Part 1:

Iain Bof Wilson of Van Bof Art & Design is one of the most talented Graphic Artists we have on display with sharp and distinctive designs inspired by or featuring some of the most popular characters in comic book history.  Whether you are looking for an Avengers piece, something based on the Ninja Turtles or even Disney Mega hit Frozen, he has a little something for everyone.

Ivor’s Comics is the table you want to visit if you are looking for those missing comic books to complete your collection because lets face it, a collection is only a collection when it is complete.  Ivor has been in the comic book business for many years and is an expert in obtaining those rarer issues that you just cant find anywhere else so why not see what gems he brings with him on the day?

Nick Nack’s Trinket boxes returns to our mart this month and poses you a very serious question.  Wouldn’t life be just a little bit easier if you had boxes to store your precious items in and how cool would it be if those boxes featured art from all of your favourite things?  The good news is that this is Nick Nack’s Trinket boxes’s specialty, they can create a box with any design you can dream of and you can rest easy in the knowledge that not only are your things being kept safe, they are being kept safe in style!

Beckeyrings will be displaying some absolutely stellar custom key rings to help further geekify your life.  There is no reason for anyone to have a plain and boring set of keys when you can have a keyring featuring your favourite characters from Marvel, Disney, DC and beyond!  Never get your keys mixed up with anyone ever again and wow your friends with how amazing your taste in key apparel is.  With Christmas fast approaching these would also make a fantastic stocking filler for family and friends of any age!

I literally can not state enough just how amazing the quality of craftsmanship and skill of all of our vendors are and as you can see above, we have a great selection that will cover just about anything you could be looking for.  We are lucky to have such incredible wares on sale at our events and we are ecstatic that we can bring them all together under one roof for you.