Fox announces X-Men series plans!

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Executives over at Fox have confirmed speculation that they are thinking about an X-Men series for TV exploring the world and adventures of the mutant heroes. Fox has had recent success with superhero properties, namely X-Men Days of Future Past, and Gotham, which has just been confirmed as getting a second season, so this is no doubt what has prompted the decision

While this announcement is far from a confirmation that it will happen, talks between Fox’s TV department and 20th Century Fox film studios have been underway already. Fox broadcasting chairpeople Dana Walden and and Gary Newman have been quoted by sources as saying “It’s in negotiations… we’re cautiously optimistic, we had a good meeting with them. That will not be on a fast track creatively. This is just the deal, now we have to find the creative.”

No names are currently linked to the project, either in terms of acting talent or directors or producers, so it is unlikely we will see the first episode (if it happens) for a good few years yet. In the meantime, though, fans can expect more merry mutant escapades with the X-Men: Apocalypse, Deadpool, and Gambit movies.

Just nobody mention the Generation X TV movie, it’s definitely not canon.