Game of Thrones; The End Is Near

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Game of Thrones showrunners state “We are writing the final act now”. 

As we eagerly await the start of Season Six this weekend; it comes with a somewhat bittersweet note for fans of the incredibly popular show.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Dan Weiss and David Benioff stated that “We’re approaching the finishing line”. They clarified what the exact plan was from the beginning; “From the outset, our hope was to tell a complete story — beginning, middle and end. We are writing the final act now, and the last thing we want to do is stay on stage after the play is over.”

It was confirmed this week that HBO had ordered a seventh series, and now the question on fans minds will be if this is to be the last. Weiss and Benioff had to something to say about that too.

“In the beginning, we hoped that if the show worked, we’d get seven seasons to tell the tale. Seven kingdoms, seven gods, seven books — seven felt like a lucky number.”

“The actual messiness of storytelling might not be quite that numerologically elegant, but we’re looking at somewhere between 70 and 75 hours before the credits roll for the last time.” This means that after season six, there could only be 10 to 15 episodes remaining before the curtain drops on Game of Thrones.

They continued; “The show has diverged from the books quite dramatically by this point,” highlighting unknown plot points to come in season six, “but it’s still George [RR Martin]’s world: The characters he’s dreamt up in the world he created.”

“At this point, given the fact that we’re outpacing the novels, we all see the upside in the divergence: book readers won’t be spoiled by what’s to come on the show, and the show audience won’t have to worry about spoilers from the unpublished books.”

Given the several story strands going on at once in Game of Thrones, it’s quite hard to imagine how they will all marry up to meet in one big satisfying conclusion for the fandom. One thing is certain; the journey will no doubt be as incredible and gripping as what has come so far.

Game of Thrones returns to our television screens at 2am, and then again at 9pm, on Sky Atlantic on Monday.