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Wildfire issue 2

While tomorrow sees Top Cow launching an Aphrodite IX/Cyber Force crossover and the second volume of the Aphrodite IX trade, neither of these are what I’m excited for this week.  Rather, the title that I’ll be racing off to my local comic store for is Wildfire #2.

Wildfire was launched last month with an intriguing opening issue.  The new book is from writer Matt Hawkins (one of the head honchos at Top Cow) and artist Linda Sejic (whose wicked webcomic, Blood Stain, can be found on Deviant Art under the username sigeel) and they are a good pairing.  The first issue is a good read and if you didn’t pick it up last month, it would be wise to grab it and #2 this week.  Hawkins shows his love of science in this book and it’s all about GMO foods (that’s genetically modified stuff for those who spent the nineties with their head under a rock).

Issue #1 left us on the brink of a disaster of epic proportions – think “The Happening” but not crap.  It follows 2 groups of people: a sneaky anti-GMO group, “Green Aware”, and a group of scientists who foolishly rush their attempts to end world hunger.

The first issue featured an appendix from Hawkins explaining a little of the science of the book and attempting to show that the book isn’t supposed to be pro- or anti-GMO.  Whether you believe that is up to you.  Who knows if every issue will be finished off with a little science lesson.

Wildfire issue 1

Sejic’s art is beautiful.  She favours realism over the typical heavy outlines you often see in comic book art.  On top of this, she copes well with keeping the somewhat drier “science-y” panels interesting and makes the experiments come to life while still giving them a textbook diagram feel.

This looks like the start of a great new book for the Top Cow catalogue but we won’t know for sure until issue #2 hits the shelves tomorrow.