Great New Detailed Look The Batmobile With Video and Images

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Our Best look yet at the Batmobile


A new video just landed from Bleacher Report which has given us our best look yet at the latest Batmobile that will be appearing in Zach Snyder’s upcoming Batman vs Superman, check out the video and the awesome stills below.


Now the video shows us our first proper look at the Batmobile but if you can’t watch it right now/don’t want to then we’ve got you covered.

The Batmobile was designed by a team of Dennis McCarthy(Batman Begins, Man of Steel) and Patrick Tatopoulos (Underworld, I robot, Pitch Black).


The new Batmobile is so massive in proportions, being a massive 20 feet long and 12 feet wide, that the only thing they could use for the rear tyres was shaved down tractor tires. This gives it incredible stability and traction at high speeds.


They have also made the new Batmobile very aerodynamic in a couple of ways. It is capable of raising its self much higher off the ground during jumps and stunts and then hunkering down close to the ground when higher speed is required.


Getting a closer look at the Batmobile we can see that is is heavily armoured and when combined with the massive twin machine guns mounted on the front, no doubt combined with many other offensive weapons, makes it look like it could be one of the most aggressive to date.

Batmobile 5


So what do you make of the new Batmobile? Now you have seen more and learned a bit more information, as well as seeing it in action in the Batman vs Superman Trailer that was released recently do you think it will be the best one yet? Let us know your thoughts below or on Facebook/Twitter.

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