Was Green Lantern that bad a movie?

Good evening every, I’ve been wanting to discuss this for some time now. After watching for the first time I was infuriated, I still am at some parts, but after I removed my expectations from my mind I came to realise that it’s not that bad. I don’t rank it highly in my all time favourite comic book movies but it’s certainly not the worst, so allow me to rant and rave about 2011’s Green Lantern!

“Can I train them, or can I train them?”

No, just no, no you can’t train them you giant poozer! To start off I would like to go with the cons, there’s a one thing in particular that just leaves me dumbstruck and that’s Hal Jordans training with Kilowog only covers three, count them, one, two, three, three damn training exercises, okay one of them was crucial to the defeat of Parallax, but three damn exercises and he can defeat Parallax?! Worse still this scene lasts a mere 90 seconds of on-screen time, 90 seconds out of over a 2 hour movie and then a further minute with Sinestro berating Hal while training. You could say that he had more training off-screen but if I don’t see it happening on-screen, it didn’t happen. Want to know what would have worked? A montage. Why do you think montage sequences are put into movies? To show the progression of the character from either working their way to the top or failing to conquer something and then doing it in the end. This would have been a perfect opportunity to show Hal training with other new Green Lanterns, this would have actually made me believe for an instant that he’s now fully trained and ready to brave his sector.
Green Lantern Secret Origin cover
Another prime target for my wraith is why this was not more based upon Geoff Johns Green Lantern: Secret Origin story? When I started reading DC, I wanted to read cosmic stories due to my love of Marvel’s Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy, so the first two books I bought were Green Lantern Rebirth and Secret Origin. Secret Origin is a perfect story, like the movie it introduces Atrocitus, William Hand, the Prophecy of The Blackest Night, a reason why Abin Sur was flying a spaceship and a GOD DAMN MONTAGE OF HAL JORDAN TRAINING!

GL Secret Origin interior

This is a two-part, what was the need for Parallax/Krona being the main villain and why was he not imprisoned in the Green Lantern Central Battery? Like above, if the story was more in line with Secret Origin there would be no need to use and kill off one of the biggest threats to the Green Lantern’s. Separately Parallax and Krona have been at points the end of the Green Lantern Corps, I see the positives of twisting the two characters together, simplifying the story for new fans, there simply wasn’t any need to use him though. If they had gone down the route of Secret Origin they could have had Atrocitus as the villain, helping to expand upon a bigger stories.

Secondly no yellow impurity. This has been something known for years about the Green Lantern’s, their constructs don’t work on the colour yellow. Taking that away means another threat for the characters to not worry about, I would have been happy if Parallax wasn’t used and was imprisoned somewhere were nobody knows, the Central Battery, having that as the after credits scene, Parallax infecting Sinestro.

Now everything wasn’t bad in Green Lantern, one of the more successful aspects was the special effects, with a movie that is so heavily dependant on CGI for our hero to come to life the people behind this need to give themselves a pat on the back. There was a bit of a worry when an early trailer was released fans commented on how bad the CGI looked, thus resulting in Warner Bros. throwing in another $9 million to boost the effects. Some people still are upset with the CGI, but I find it nice, not as natural as I would like it to look though.
GL costume
A tie in to the visual effects is the Green Lantern costumes, like above people weren’t happy with the costume, I actually think it’s good to change costumes from comics, as some are less realistical than others. When you look at other characters, such a Kilowog, his is more skin-tight as you can see the veins in his arms , Tomar-Re has scales on his suit, Sinestro’s is more like armour. Seeing as the suit is in itself a construct it’s nice to see diversity in such a large group like the Green Lanterns.

GL costumes 2
It was clear that Warner Bros. tried to build a cinematic universe around this movie, having around major DC character such as Amanda Waller. For those not in the know, she’s responsible for running Taskforce X (Suicide Squad) and was Lex Luthor’s Secretary of Metahuman Affairs. While they were off the ball with Parallax and other aspects, one they got spot on was the after credits scene, to have Sinestro put on the yellow ring gave me chills, it’s the corruption of a good man aspiring to try to be better but feels held back and this would set the story for a sequel.

If you feel I’m in the right or wrong, leave a comment and let me know.