Review: Green Arrow #47

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Green Arrow 47 Cover

Publisher: DC
Writer: Benjamin Percy
Art: Fabrizio Fiorentino and Federico Dallocchio
Colours: Gabe Eltaeb
Cover: Joe Bennett, Gabe Eltaeb and Jack Jadson

Green Arrow #47 wraps up the Juarez arc. In this issue we get some insight into Jefe (the arc’s villain) and his motivations. They were a little cliche but I do appreciate that Percy took the time to develop his character. I think the supernatural elements along with the new addition of Mayan mythology played really well in this arc because it added a layer of creepiness and I think mysticism meshes interestingly with Green Arrow.

George (Oliver’s wolf-dog) received some further development in this arc as well which was something I enjoyed. I think that an animal sidekick getting a backstory that have some magical elements at play works really well and makes me like the giant wolf-dog even more. I do think Emiko should’ve had more interactions with Oliver in this arc. Their dialogue adds some humour and heart, not that this issue didn’t have any humour. I liked that Oliver maintained his dry sense of humour but it wasn’t overdone. Percy did a really great job of writing Oliver’s character and I think that’s where his writing shines.

Fiorentino’s and Federico art does a great job of capturing how creepy Jefe and his skeletons are in Green Arrow #47. The details on the face paint are intricate and compliment how creepy Jefe is. .The art in motion looks really good as well. The fight scenes have a sense of both brutality and slickness.  The way the blood is drawn stands out in an odd, pulpy manner. Eltab’s bright colors and occasionally misty blood compliment the pencils very well. Oliver’s bright green suit stands out against the grey of Jefe’s lair.

This issue and the arc as a whole is a lot of fun. It wasn’t one of the best comics ever written but I enjoyed it from beginning to end. I can’t wait to see where the creative team takes Oliver Queen next.