He Is Groot and possibly… Inhuman too?

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vin diesel inhamans tease1

Y’all saw ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, right? Groot was amazing, right? Me? I thought Groot was the best thing in a film choc full’a awesome. Vin Diesel (who played the big guy) appears to be teasin’ us about maybe, possibly, perhaps bringin’ another Marvel hero to the big screen. The above picture comes from the man’s Facebook page where he thanks his fans for making it possible for him to portray Groot on the big screen. He then goes on to say I get the strange feeling that Marvel thinks I’m Inhuman… Haha.

What do we think? Is Vin lettin’ us know that he’s in negotations with Marvel for another role in their cinematic universe or is he just at the wind up? We’ve never actualy seen him on screen, so it’s entirely possible, right? With Fox having the film rights to The X-Men, rumours have been doing the rounds for a while now that Marvel may seek to move The Inhumans front and centre as a stand-in for the mutants (strange powers, hated and feared, yadda yadda, yadda). If so, who could he play? Black Bolt, the taciturn king of the Inhumans? He’d have even less to say if that is the case. Lockjaw, the Inhumans teleporting dog? Who knows? Maybe he’s got the bug for the motion capture thang! I’m gonna go out on a limb and say with 100% conviction that it will most definitely NOT be Medusa (whose hair simply cannot be tamed).