PREVIEW: Marvel unveil Loki solo title

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He is Loki

Tom Hiddleston is FANTASTIC, eh? Well, enough of you must think so, as Marvel are givin’ Loki his own series (I know, I know, ‘Journey Into Mystery’ WAS fantastic, but shhhh). Makes sense to me. Popular character through the film franchises, give him more exposure in the comics. See Iron Man, currently poppin’ up in his own book, ‘Avengers’, ‘New Avengers’, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and probably some others I can’t think of right now. Alllll of this on the back of his popularity in the cinematic universe.

(Seriously, was Tony Stark ever ANYBODY’S favourite character afore RDJ got his grubby mitts on ‘im? Didn’t think so.)

‘Loki: Agent of Asgard’ (for that is the title of the mischievous yin’s new book), brought to you by Al Ewing (‘Mighty Avengers’) and Lee Garbett (‘Batgirl’) debuts in February 2014 with a gorgeous Frank Cho cover, and will be a cross-realm espionage thriller. Oor Loki takes on missions from The All-Mother in an attempt to redeem himself in the eyes of his Asgardian brethren.

It won’t, however, feature Kid Loki (see ‘Young Avengers’ #11 – nae spoilers, I’ve no’ read it yet). Nope, this title features a more grown up version of the trickster god. Also, he’ll flip between male and female (a la the version seen in the ‘Dark Reign’ era MU presumably).

What seems to be getting’ t’internet all hot and bothered is this wee quote from Al Ewing’s blog –

“Yes, Loki is bi and I’ll be touching on that. He’ll shift between genders occasionally as well.”

And why not? If you were a Norse deity and master of magic (not to mention the whole trickster/mischief thing you’d have goin’ on) why WOULD you stick with one gender? Why would you limit yourself at all (whether that be physically OR sexually)? No reason at all, right? Right.

‘Loki: Agent of Asgard’ will be pissin’ off bigots everywhere from February 2014.

You mewling quims.